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Welcome Specialty Dealers
Welcome to Oregon Scientific's Specialty Dealer Site. This site is for Dealers with retail locations serving their core geographic markets who need a direct, reliable manufacturer relationship. In todayís retail market efficiency is key. Retailers expect to rely on a direct relationship with their vendors and technological infrastructure to procure goods as seamlessly as possible. Our Dealer Site makes that possible. Youíre also likely looking to save on the commodities we all find ourselves short on... time and resources.

Oregon Scientific wants to make things easier for you. Thereís no minimum order structure. Buying direct is only a few clicks away. Itís simple, itís efficient and it features the gotta-have gadgets your customers want from a reliable, strong, and 17 year old innovative brand.

Oregon Scientific offers a wide variety of products, ranging from youth and learning to sports and fitness. Its devices couple innovative technology with fluid design, and feature advanced liquid-crystal displays (LCD). Built from its hallmark of timing and weather devices, Oregon Scientific is expanding to meet diverse needs of its customers to enhance the way we live, work and play. Consider Oregon Scientific as Technology Designed for Life.

Find out more about Oregon Scientific at http://us.OregonScientific.com.


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